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Oh my goodness. I am so sorry about your kitty. Losing an animal is so difficult. I am so very sorry for your loss.


I just wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to write me - I really appreciate it.

- Susie


I get so teary-eyed when I read things like this. I need to go kiss my kitty now. *I'm thinking of you!*


My condolences to you and your family. Rest in peace, Wembley.


I'm so sorry about your kitty but I think you made the right decision. I had to do the same a number of years ago and it's heartwrenching either way.


I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty. She was positively adorable!


So sorry to hear this, I know first hand how heart wrenching this is. I have tears right now, for your kitty and forour Bambi. Very similar (although different symptoms), we just couldn't put her through more tests either.

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My Favorite Yarn sources:

  • I find just about all I need from these NYC yarn stores:
  • Pearl and her staff (Betty, Gail, and Amanda among others) have quickly established Knitty City as one of the friendliest yarn stores in NYC. Really! Wide range of yarn in quality and prices. Great selection of books and oh, yes, terrific stock of sock yarn.
  • Jane and her friendly staff run a small but well stocked shop. I always find something there that no one else carries in their shop.
  • Another great place for knitters. Rita and her staff make the place really inviting and Rita listens to her customers about what she should offer as yarn and classes. Don't forget to pet Frankie the Golden Retriever!
  • A true place to sit and knit. Every so often I drop in for lunch and de-stress from a busy workday. I took the Sweater Weather class with John and enjoyed myself immensely. Helene has fine tuned the yarn collection and its coming into its own.


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